Ativo Program fields use PI keys since April 2023

The way how data is saved on Ativo Program fields changed in April 2023. People who use Ativo Programs field data directly might need to update their filters.

You can opt-out of this change by enabling field sharing.

Why change?

In our previous data model, data was saved with the period key only. This caused limitations when features are used in multiple program increments on the same period. To solve this problem, we have to change the way data is saved on the Ativo Programs fields in Jira.

What changes?

The way how the following Ativo Programs fields are formatted, changes:

  • Program team An entry is now formatted as Programkey-PeriodKey-TeamKey . Example: PGRM1-2024Q1-TEAMLION

  • Program period An entry is now formatted as Programkey-PeriodKey . Example: PGRM1-2024Q1

  • Program Baseline Sprint An entry is now formatted as Programkey-PeriodKey.SprintId . Example: PGRM1-2024Q1.2

  • Program Commitments An entry is now formatted as Programkey-PeriodKey-CommitmentLevel. Example: PGRM1-2024Q1-committed

Gradual change

Data will only be updated to the new format when taking an action in Ativo Programs (e.g. updating a team in the lead in Ativo). Entries using the old data format will be gradually replaced with new entries..

There is hence no bulk data migration needed.

Ativo Programs continues to accept the old data format. If an Ativo Programs field contains both entries in the new and old data format, entries in the new data format will take precedence.

Impacts for users?

There is no impact for users that work in Ativo Programs. The change is not visible in the UI itself.

There is an impact for power users who:

  • Use Ativo Programs fields directly in Jira filters / reports. Those users need to change their JQL queries to include the new data format. Example: the old "Program Period[Labels]" = 2023Q1 JQL query would first become "Program Period[Labels]" in (2023Q1, PROGRAMONE-2023Q1) to include the program increment key(s) (program key + period key combined) instead. Over time, only the new keys would be needed. E.g. "Program Period[Labels]" = PROGRAMONE-2023Q4.

  • Build automation scripts using Ativo data. They will need to update the way data is read or updated according to the new format.

When change?

The above changes are effective on April 23rd 2023 (on the Jira cloud platform), and after installing Ativo Programs version 3.1 (Jira Server / Data Center platform).

More questions? Contact Ativo support.

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