Progress per team

Progress per team

To see the progress of a program per team:

  • Select the program and period in the picker (top left)

  • Click Progress per team in the navigation bar

The progress per team screen shows a dashboard that contains three parts:

  • The summary at the top left

  • The feature and dependencies progress at the bottom

  • The team progress and extrapolation at the top right.


The doughnut chart of each feature is updated with the progress of underlying stories.

The feature is displayed in the latest of the following:

  • The sprint it was originally planned into

  • The latest sprint of the underlying stories

The baseline sprint indicates when the feature was originally planned. For example, a story can be planned in sprint #6, but with a baseline sprint #5.

The feature displays the RAG (Red-Amber-Green) indicator (more info).

Feature details

Click on a feature to see the details of the underlying stories.

Cross-team dependency

Cross-team dependencies are visible on the board if :

  • The story and other story or feature are both part of the current program and period (stories are part if their feature is part of the current program, and if hey haven’t already been closed in a sprint of a previous period (PI) )

  • The story and feature are owned by different teams

The blocking dependencies towards other teams are shown on top-right of the story. Dependencies coming from other teams are shown below the story.

The RAG (Red-Amber-Green) indicator will be visible if set (more info).


The progress metrics of a team are visible in the top-right section:

  • The blue line contains the total of story points for that team.

  • The purple line is the subtotal of story points for features that are committed (so excluding stretch objectives).

  • The black line represents the actual progress (make sure the past sprints are closed – more info)

  • Extrapolations are shown for the average sprint velocity (grey dotted line), the slowest sprint velocity (orange dotted line) and the fastest sprint velocity (green dotted line)

  • The intersection between the dotted lines and the blue line show when the team is likely to deliver their stories.

Metrics details

To see how the actual and total figure are computed, simply click on a point.This will display the list of features and cross-team dependency stories that contribute to the figure.

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