Plan issues

Teams plan their stories during the breakout session of the PI Planning meeting. The planning of stories can be done in the project backlog of the team, or directly on the program board.

Plan a story on the Program Board

To plan a story, simply drag it to the sprint.

Planning a story directly updates the sprint of the issue in Jira (for teams working scrum), or the due date (for teams that are working kanban).

The stories that are visible on the board depend on the epics (features) added to the PI. It also depends on the team, program and period (program increment) scope configuration settings.

Plan a story (issue) in the team backlog

To plan a story in a sprint using the Jira team backlog:

  • Select the Jira project of the team

  • Select backlog in the left navigation bar

  • Drag and drop the story into a sprint

Stories created in Jira will be visible after refreshing the Program Board. Click on the 'Refresh' button in the top navigation bar for a quick refresh.

Plan according to capacity

Click on View options > Capacity to plan according to capacity.

The actual load and planned capacity are shown on top of each sprint. Users can update the planned capacity.The load is computed by Ativo Programs.

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