Ativo REST API endpoints and models are versioned

REST endpoints version

The current REST API is version 1, and is in beta.

Data model version

Any script using the API should be cautious and check for data model version changes.

Ativo Programs for Jira evolves continuously. Adding new functionalities causes the configuration objects evolve as well.

The current data model version is 9

Non-breaking changes are added on a continuous basis. This typically means new data fields or data objects are created. A non-breaking data model change will not cause the version to change.

Breaking changes are added on a regular basis. This typically means:

  • The format of a field changes

  • A field is renamed

  • A field is removed

The data model version is increased when a breaking change is released.

Data model REST endpoint

Use the following REST endpoint (for Jira cloud) to check if the data model version still corresponds with the model version your script is supporting.

Version header

The data model version is added as a X-API-Model-Version header to any API response. Example:

HTTP/1.1 200 
X-API-Model-Version: 9

Version history

Version 7

First version used in the API. Version 9

  • Added isArchived flag on Teams, Programs and Periods

  • Teams are now either configured with a Jira board or in a custom way. When configured as a Jira board, only the Jira board id is provided. When configured as a custom team, the Jira or manual project filter is saved, as well as the mode (scrum or kanban) and estimation setting.

Version numbers can have gaps. E.g. model version 8 was not affecting the API, so it was not published.

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