PI Objectives

Display PI Objectives

To display PI Objectives, click on View Options > Objectives

PI Program level objectives are shown on top of the page. PI Team level objectives are shown in each team plan section

Update PI Objectives

Click on the Update program objectives or Update team objectives links to open the edit objectives modal. Drag & drop objectives in the preferred order.

Use the update objectives form to add, update or delete PI objectives. Click on Submit to confirm the modifications.

Predictability measure

The Predictability Measure indicates how predictable (reliable) the planning is. This metric is computed as 'Total delivered value' divided by 'Committed planned value'. A figure between 80% and 100% typically means the planning is considered to be predictable.

The planned business value is an appreciation by the business owners on the business value of the objective. This figure is estimated during the PI planning session (so before any delivery is done). The figure is typically expressed between 1 (very low business value) and 10 (very high business value)

The delivered business value is an appreciation by the business owner on the effectively delivered business value. This figure is typically provided at the end of the last sprint of the PI, during the system demo.

The predictability measure is show when the planned value and delivered value are filled in.

Map PI Objectives to Epics

This functionality is currently released as BETA functionality on the Ativo Programs for Jira Cloud platform. Please report feedback to our support team.

Enable PI objective mapping

Ativo Programs for Jira Admins can enable the epic (feature) mapping functionality by clicking on Update objectives > Settings > Map PI Objectives to epics (features) for this PI. This will enable the mapping for PI objectives at program and team level for this PI.

Map epics

Once enabled, use the Update program objectives or Update team objectives form to add or remove epics (features) per objective.

See progress

Progress of a PI Objective is computed based on the progress of the mapped epics and underlying stories. The metrics take all issues in on the program board (PI) into account (so from all teams, not only from the team owning the objective). Issues outside the program board (PI) are not considered.

See progress details

Click on the expand or expand all buttons to see the progress details per objective.


Export the PI objectives to Excel (CSV format).

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