Show capacity

To display capacity, click on View Options > Capacity

The current load (left) and capacity (right) figures are shown on top of each sprint.

Update Capacity

The capacity (right figure) represent the velocity of a team. Click on the capacity number (the right one) and enter a new value.

You can define a different capacity for each sprint. You ca&n hence account for longer sprints, ramp-up and ramp-downs, empty sprints (e.g. last sprint in a PI to prepare the next PI).

Update Load

The load is automatically computed based on the issues (stories) present in the sprint. To update the load, simply replan the stories or change the estimation (click on "expand" button on an issue and then update the estimation.)

Estimation models

The following estimation models are supported:

  • Story Points

  • Man Days

  • No estimations (simply count the number of tickets)

The estimation model can be changes per team: in Atiov Programs > Settings > Teams > Estimation.

When using Man Days, you can choose to use " original estimations" or "remaining work". Click on the load button to make a selection.

Epic level estimations are excluded

To avoid double counting, Ativo will ignore the estimations at epic level for the sprint capacity load.

Epic-level estimations are meant to be delivered over a longer term period, and are not attributed to a single sprint.

The sprint load represents the sum of story-level estimations in that sprint.

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