Plan dependencies

What is a cross-team dependency?

A cross-team dependency is a story in one team that is either:

  • part of a feature that is owned by another team

  • linked as โ€œblocked byโ€ or โ€œblockingโ€ with a story of another team in the program

See cross-team dependencies

The program plan (PI planning) view shows cross team dependencies with cords:

Dependency cords colors

Dependencies have three possible cord colors:

  • Purple : the dependency is planned "in order".

  • Amber : the dependency is planned between two issues in the same sprint. This could be a risk.

  • Red: the dependency is planned "out of order". This means the prerequisite is planned in a later sprint, or the prerequisite is stil in the backlog.

Add, update or remove (cross-team) dependencies

To plan or update a (cross-team) dependency :

  • Select the issue (story)

  • Click on the expand button

  • Click on Dependencies

  • Add / remove prerequisite dependencies (left side), or outgoing dependencies (right side).

Ativo Programs by default displays 'blocking/is blocked' and 'child/parent' dependencies on the board. jira admins can change the dependencies via Jira settings > Ativo Programs > Issue link.

Hide or filter dependency cords

Click on View options > Cords to select the cords you'd like to see. E.g. one can choose to hide all cords.

Select the Advanced view options to select the cords you'd like to see more precisely.

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