This page describes the permissions for Ativo Programs. Read the security policy instead for more information about the organizational and technical security measures taken.

Ativo Programs administrators role

Only Ativo Programs administrators can change the Ativo Programs configuration (e.g. update the team, program and period configuration.

Add/remove Ativo Programs administrators

Global Jira Administrators can appoint Ativo Programs administrators:

  • Click on Ativo Programs admin in the left hand side navigation bar.

  • Add or remove Jira groups or Jira users

  • Click 'Save'

Permissions for Jira users

Jira users will not be able to see more business data in Ativo then they should.

Ativo strictly follows the Jira permissions. Users cannot see more business data in Ativo than that they are allowed to see directly in Jira. Hidden projects, issues, ... remain hidden in Ativo as well. If a user opens a Program view that contains hidden issues, those issues remain hidden for that person.

As a best practice, teams within the same program are advised to have read access on each other’s Jira projects, in order to see the consolidated program board.

Updates done in Ativo (e.g. plan an issue in a new sprint) require the user to have the needed permissions in Jira. In case of insufficient permissions, a warning or error is shown to the user.

Any logged in Jira user can see the Ativo configuration meta data, including:

  • Program names

  • Names of teams participating in a PI

  • Program Increment meta data (objectives, planned capacity, milestones)

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