Jira Service Management tickets on the program board

About Jira Service Management

Jira Service Management is a solution from Atlassian to support ITSM (IT Service Management) practices like request, incident, problem, change, and configuration management.

Jira Service Management is sold as a separate product of the Atlassian suite.

Include on the Program Board

Including Jira Service Management projects on the program board can help you track cross-team dependencies, risks and impediments at program level.

Jira service management issues from the Customer Success Team are included on the program board. The ‘SP-1’ service ticket has a cross team dependency with the “LION-2” story.

Configuration filter

You can use Jira Service Management projects in Team, Program and Period configuration filters.

Select the Jira Service Management project in the Project select of the filter:

Ativo program boards usually contain both story-level issues (stories, tasks, requests, …) and epics (features). This usually means that users need to add links between requests and epics.

In order to enable this for the user, update the service management screens to include the ‘Epic link’ field.

As a Jira admin, navigate to Jira settings > Issues > Screens and add the ‘Epic link’ field to the related screens:

Note: the Ativo Programs ‘Create issue’ functionality also requires that the Epic link is added. Failing to add the epic link can result in a “CreateJiraIssue unable to create issue ticket : 400 Bad Request” error when a user tries to create an issue directly on the program board.

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