Server to cloud migration

Ativo Programs server/data center to cloud migration

Ativo supports a migration of Ativo Programs data from Jira Server / Data Center to Jira Cloud.

You can use the Jira Cloud Migration Assistant to migrate Ativo Programs data.

When migrate?

Migrate the Ativo Programs data after all Jira projects used in Ativo are migrated. (You can also include it in the last Jira project(s) migration run).

If you accidentally migrate Ativo Programs data before all Jira projects have been migrated, then you’ll need to do an additional migration run afterwards.

WARNING Do not run a migration of Ativo Programs data when you already started to make changes in Ativo on the cloud. The migration overwrites the configuration changes each time.

How to migrate?

  • Install Ativo Programs for Jira on the cloud instance.

  • Migrate all Jira projects used in Ativo

  • Create a migration run of the Ativo Programs app data (you can include the Ativo data migration with a Jira project migration if you want)

  • Upon successful migration, you will see an ‘INCOMPLETE’ status (see next section to complete the migration).

Complete the migration

Ativo Programs migrates all configuration metadata, except for the Ativo Programs admins configuration.

To update the Ativo Programs admins:

  • Go to Jira settings > Manage Apps > Ativo Programs > Admins

  • Remove the entries

  • Select the Ativo Programs admin groups and/or users

  • Click Save

In case of errors

Contact the Ativo Programs support team in case of errors.


What data is migrated during the app migration?

All Ativo Programs configuration metadata is migrated, except for the Ativo Programs admins configuration.

Migrated data includes:

  • Configuration of Teams, Programs and Periods (Program Increments)

  • Capacity, Milestones, PI Objectives

  • Ativo Programs application settings (See Jira > Settings > Manage apps > Ativo Programs)

Migrated data excludes:

  • Actual Jira issues and other business data saved as a Jira ticket

  • Ativo Programs admins configuration

Can I run the Ativo Migration multiple times?

Yes, but the Ativo Programs data on the cloud will be overwritten each time. Don’t run an Ativo Programs migration when you’ve already done changes on the cloud.

Can I backup/import data?

Yes, go to Jira admin > Manage Apps > Ativo Programs > Import / export .

Note: you can only import/export data on the same host. Importing data will overwrite all data.

Where can I find more information on the Jira migration?

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