Update Ativo Programs to the latest version.

Cloud platform

Updates of Ativo Programs on the Jira cloud platform are automatically deployed. There is no action to take.

Data center / Server platform

To update Ativo Programs for Jira Data Center / Server :

  1. Take a backup Ativo Programs meta-data is stored inside the Jira Database. Jira backup/restore mechanisms can hence also be used on Ativo Programs configuration data.

Make sure you have access to the Jira database backup. In an event where only Ativo Programs data need to be restored, you will need to access the Jira backup and extract data from specific tables. If you don't have easy access to the Jira backup, then also take a backup copy of Ativo Programs configuration data via Jira admin > Manage apps > Ativo Programs > Export and import > Export . This data set can be used to directly restore the Ativo Programs configuration data in case of need.

  1. Update Ativo Programs As a Jira Admin, navigate to Jira settings > Manage Apps > Manage Apps and click on Update.

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