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Period (program increment)

A Period is a time frame (called PI or Program Increment in SAFe®) , used to plan and progress iteratively at program level.
A period contains a set of sprints. Some organizations have one period per quarter (e.g. “2020 Quarter 4”).

Create a new period

To create a new period:
  • Navigate to the cycle page.
  • Click on Create a period
  • Choose a period name and key. The key has to be unique, and should be meaningful (e.g. 2024Q4).
  • Choose the number of sprints in the period
  • Click on Create
Period creation form
Complete the period configuration:
  • Define start and end dates for each sprint.
  • Link the sprints at program level to the sprints of each team working Scrum.
  • Click on Submit
You don’t need to configure all sprints at the same time. You can map some sprints, save progress and come back later to complete the mapping. If a new sprint is created in the backlog of a team, you can click on the 'refresh sprints'
You can use your keyboard and type in a part of the name of a sprint to find it fast. You can also copy/paste text into the select field.

Modify a period configuration

To modify the configuration of an existing period:
  • Select the period in the period picker in the left navigation bar
  • Click on Settings > Period

Completing a sprint

Sprints need to be set to be completed at program level as well. Click here for more information on how to complete a sprint at program level.

Delete a period

When you delete a period, it is gone for good. All Program Increments configuration that are using this period is deleted as well.
To delete a period:
  • Select the period in the period picker at the top of the navigation bar
  • Click on Settings > Period in the left navigation bar.
  • Click on Delete Period at the top right of the page
  • Confirm that you want to delete the period.