Plan epics (features)

Plan features

To plan a feature in a sprint:

  • Select the period in the period picker (top left)

  • Click on Feature Plan

  • Search on the name of the feature in the unassigned column.

  • Drag and drop the feature from unassigned to the desired sprint

Add details

The story points of a feature are defined by the number of story-points of the underlying stories (excluding dependency stories from other teams – those are kept separately). If needed, one can also directly define the story points at feature level. This can be useful in case underlying stories are not yet created in Jira, but we already want to highlight the story points at feature level.

The RAG (Red, Amber, Green) indicator visually represents the health status of the feature. The color codes typically mean the following:

  • Green means the issue is on track.

  • Amber means a serious risk or issue occurs but mitigation is still possible.

  • Red means a major risk or issue occurs and attention from management and peers is needed.

Issues and risks can be added the RAG comment field.

To add details to a feature:

  • Click on the details toggle in the top navigation bar

  • Update the field.

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