Program (release train)

A Program or Release Train is a temporary organizational structure, used to deliver business value. It contains a set of agile teams that work closely together.

Programs deliver features (epics). Features are large sets of functionality. A feature contains a set of stories or other issues (tasks, bugs, ...).

Feature backlog

Each program has a backlog list of features (epics).

Features are in Jira encoded as Epics. In this documentation, feature and epic terms are used interchangeably.

You can save all the features in one or more Jira projects (a separate project, or the same projects as the teams), or use a more complex filter to define the backlog of a program (release train).

Create a program (release train)

A program (release train) can be created once the teams are configured.

Only Ativo Programs for Jira administrators can create, edit and delete programs (more info).

To create a new program:

  • In the cycle view, click on Create a program

  • Choose a program name and key. Click on on Create.

  • Add teams to the program. Use the left-side handle to drag them into a preferred order. Note: you can later change the team composition for a specific program increment (go to Period configuration > Sprints > Team selection).

  • Select which epics are included in scope of the program. You can either set a filter to define the scope (e.g. if you have a separate Jira project that contains the epic (feature) backlog of the program), or you can use the team filters (e.g. if the epics are already included in the team Jira projects). Note: epics are later added to a program increment. The filter defines the list of epics to choose from in a program increment.

  • Select the issuses (stories, tasks, ... ) to include in the scope of the program. If you'd like to have a good focus, you probably only want to show the issues that are under the epics (features) listed above. In this case, an issue is only shown on the program increment board if the epic (parent link) is also on the board. You can also select the use a fitler to select issues on the program board. Use this option if you'd like to show issues on the board, even if they have no epic link. This will show more issues than the first option, but also reduces the focus. In case of doubt, simply select the first (default) option. You can always change this later.

  • Click on Submit

Modify a program configuration

To modify the configuration of an existing program:

  • Select the program in the program picker in the left navigation bar

  • Click on Settings > Program in the left navigation bar.

Delete a program

When you delete a program, it is gone for good. All related program increment data will be removed.

To delete a program:

  • Select the program in the program picker at the top of the navigation bar

  • Click on Settings > Program in the left navigation bar.

  • Click on Delete Program at the top right of the page

  • Confirm that you want to delete the program.

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