Validate if the following prerequisites are met before installing and configuring Ativo Programs

  • Use Jira Cloud, Jira Server (> 7.8.0) or Jira Data Center (> 7.8.0).

  • Use a two layer deliverables structure composed of epics (called “features” in the application), and underlying tickets (stories, spikes, bugs, tasks …). Sub-tasks and sub-bugs can also be used by teams, but will not be visible on the program planning board.

  • When using the Jira Cloud platform: we only support ‘company-managed’ (‘Classic’) Jira projects. The ‘team-managed’ (‘next-gen’) are not supported, as they don’t support the necessary functionality to collaborate between teams. (more info)

  • Work iteratively in periods (called “Program Increments” or “PI” in SAFe® terminology) at program level. (more info)

  • Teams can work using a Scrum or Kanban methodology.

  • Teams can use Story Points or Man Days for their estimations, or use no estimations at all.

  • The application is displayed in English only (contact support for upcoming language support).

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