Connect to the REST API

The REST API is available as BETA.

The REST API allows you to interact with Ativo Programs interactively. Use this API to extract configuration data that has been saved in Ativo itself.

Jira issue data (including custom fields ) is never processed in the Ativo backend, and hence not available via the API. Use the Jira API instead to access Jira issue data.

Create an API token

Jira admins can create an API authentication token. Go to Jira settings > Manage apps > Ativo Programs > REST API and click on "Create" button.

Choose a name for the token, and click submit.

The generated token will be shown. Make sure to copy the token, as you will not be able to see it again afterwards.

Revoke a token

Jira admins can revoke tokens. They can do so for all tokens, including tokens from other Jira admins.

Click on the revoke button next to the token. The token is revoked immediately.

Authentication and authorization

Most REST API clients provide a mechanism to supply an authorization token.

For example, you can supply the -H option to curl. The example (for Jira cloud) below will provide the index list of Ativo teams.

 -H "Authorization: Bearer <token>"  


The Jira API endpoints and returned models are versioned.

Learn more

Browser the REST API:

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