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Raise risks and impediments

Update the RAG and risk / impediment description on the program board

When managing a program, it is important to manage the key issues and risks that are raised from the teams.
Program impediments and risks can be linked to a feature or an issue (story) in a team.
To raise a risk or impediment :
  • Click on the Programs button in the top menu bar
  • Select in the left navigation bar the Program and Period
  • Click on plan in the left navigation bar
  • Click on the chevron (▼) to open the detailed view of an epic/feature or issue/story.
  • Set the RAG indicator to Amber (program risk / issue with mitigation action) or Red (major program risk or issue without a solution).
  • Click on Add a risk or impediment to describe the risk or impediment. It is a good practice to also include a description of the mitigation action (if known).

See the RAG and risk / impediment description on the progress board

To see the RAG status and risk/impediment descriptions at team / program level:
  • Click on progress in the left navigation bar, and then on Program Total or Team
  • Reviews the risks and impediments in the top-left section of the dashboard.